About us

Sevenaire Club

At Sevenaire, we aim to deliver the new generation of premium gadgets & mobile accessories through our family of exclusive products, designed and developed with deep insight into needs of all kinds of consumers from the college teen, the athlete, to the corporate executive. We aim to build a community of tech enthusiasts & gadget lovers and deliver the latest gadgets that are enhancing our lifestyle.

Zero Tolerance QC

We have very stringent QC checks and have no tolerance policy for sub-standard quality. Our products go through five to six rounds of robust testing covering all aspects of the product keeping in mind all kinds of customers. 

Customer Is Our King, Queen

And Jack and Ace too... 
We aim and continuously strive to deliver the best products to our customers backed by prompt customer service. We understand that customer experience is of paramount importance and promise to deliver to it. All our products are designed and developed keeping in mind that customer convenience is first. Call us at 01143092244 for any help!

We Mean It

We don't sell what we won't use ourselves.