Saturn Bluetooth speaker Table

 Nothing beats the convenience of a Bluetooth speaker when it comes to playing music in your home or if you are having a house party, 

Music is just like magic, it helps you focus, it helps relax and so many things we can think about music.

I work with music playing in the background of my home office. I seem to get so much more done when I have my favorite playlist pumping out of my speakers. Like many other people who work from home, having the right sound set up in your home, office or studio can enhance your productivity and enjoyment of working from home.

If you’re looking for a high-quality Bluetooth Speaker for your home, office or studio, you have just come to the right place.

Introducing “Saturn Bluetooth Speaker Table”


Saturn is a Bluetooth Speaker Table built as a result of art and audio innovations. The 360° design projects sound at a consistent and uniform manner. The wooden tabletop has a wireless charging base to charge your device. The back panel has 2 USB ports to use as a powerbank, and an aux port to connect non-bluetooth devices.

 Saturn is a Bluetooth Speaker Table built after much deliberation to deliver a complete product that could be fit for all occasions, with multiple functionalities. The 360° design projects sound in all directions in a consistent and uniform manner for a complete surround sound experience. The speaker is packed with amazing specs to deliver captivating and extraordinary sound for the ultimate sound experience. We maintained the highest quality of materials used in building the table using premium polished ash wood veneer that blends in very well adding plush and sophistication to modern home decors. You got to admit, the first look of Saturn speaker is mesmerizing and the immediate word on the lips is wow! 

So what makes Saturn so special from other speakers?

Clearly the elegant design, powerful sound, rich and deep bass and enriching home theatre experience makes the top of the list, BUT wait there’s more... 

360° Surround Sound 

It has 6 high-quality speakers and 4 bass radiators placed in all directions to get that perfect feel of surround sound filling your entire house. We recommend placing the Saturn table in centre of your home if you’ll be using it for house parties since that helps radiate sound in all directions. If using while watching movies connected to your TV, we recommend keeping it in away from the walls and possibly in centre of the room to help the sound hit all directions for a cleaner audio tone with balanced bass.

Wireless charging Tabletop

wireless charging

Saturn speaker has a wireless charging point at the tabletop, simply place your phone on top of the table on the wireless charging mark and charge your phone while you play music. YES! That’s right, charge while you play. No more battery draining on your phone. 

*Wireless charging must be supported by your phone. All flagship smartphone models by Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Google pixel support wireless charge. 

Back panel : 2 USB Ports for Power bank and 1 AUX Port

Even if you don't have a wireless charging phone, we got you covered! Saturn has 2 USB ports at the back panel so you can charge your phone directly through a USB cable. 

Also, it has 1 AUX port so you can connect your TV or a projector and turn your home into a theatre. Sounds amazing right?

10 hours of Continuous Playback 

continuous playback

So its a weekend and you want to spend it with your family or Friends watching movies? Or maybe you want to host a house party?. Saturn has an amazing 10 hours of continuous playback so you can enjoy watching movies with your friends and family.

Elegant design 

elegant design

We haven't compromised with design its  premium ash wood veneer and artistic finesse adds a plush to your living spaces. Saturn’s delicate and elegant design matches with your every furniture. You can use it as a bedside table or a coffee table you can even keep it in your balcony or your garden and relax while you enjoy your coffee and the music. 

Interactive buttons and HD mic.

buttons and mic

It has interactive buttons that you can use to play/pause a song or to increase or decrease the volume of a song. It also has HD mic which you can use for taking calls hands-free.

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