How to set up and pair the Saturn Speaker table

We understand your excitement of unboxing the newly delivered Saturn speaker table. Let's understand how to set up your speaker in very simple steps. 

This video shows how to assemble and setup the Saturn Bluetooth Speaker table by Sevenaire. Steps are given below: 1. Open the secure packaging and take out the box contents. 2. Screw in the legs and place Saturn speaker upright. 3. Charge the table fully before first use, using the charging adapter provided in the box.


  1. First, open the packaging and take out the speaker tabletop and place it upside down, preferably on a soft surface like your bed or sofa.
  2. Then you need to take out the 3 wooden legs provided in the box. Screw the wooden legs to the base of the speaker table. Tighten the wooden legs appropriately.
  3. Turn on the speaker by long-pressing the 'Power' button for 2 seconds. The speaker will turn on and enter pairing mode with the voice instruction "Power on, pairing". 

 You can use it as a bedside table, centre table, accent table, drinks table at a house party, or keep it in your garden or balcony.


Now, that you have set up the Saturn Speaker lets understand how to use it. 


Turning it ON or OFF.

just long-press the power button for two seconds and it will turn On. Now turn on Bluetooth on your phone and scan for new devices. Connect to BT-Z1 and YOU'RE ALL SET.

If you want to turn it off again Press the power button for two seconds and it will turn Off.


How to Charge Your Phone Wirelessly.

just Place your Smartphone on the centre of the Table on the charging mark at centre of the table and it will automatically start charging.

Note- Your phone should support wireless charging.


How to charge your phone using USB cable.

Even if your phone doesn't support wireless charging you can Still Use the USB ports given st the back panel of the Speaker.

PS, it has two USB ports so you can charge up to Two Smartphones.

Note- the USB ports are not for Pendrive use


How to connect your TV with Saturn Speaker.

You can also connect your TV with the speaker using the AUX port which is at the back panel. Let's understand How?.

So, simply connect the cable into the Speaker's AUX port and into the TV's port and with this simple step now you can enjoy your favourite movies with the theatre experience. 

Functions of Interactive Buttons. 

As we already told you how to turn the Speaker  ON or OFF let's move ahead.

1. Increasing or decreasing the Sound.

You need to press the Plus + button to increase the volume you want to instantly increase the volume simply Press and hold the button for two seconds and it will turn to Max. volume.

The Minus - button Will decrease the volume.


2. Using the Play/Pause Button 

You can simply press the Play/Pause button to Play or Pause the tracks.

you can also take your Calls by pressing the Play button Saturn has an HD mic. to make your calling experience better.


Now that you have read the full details of what great things can Saturn Do its time to Rock the Party.





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