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Why 7Pods are the best true wireless earbuds.

Sevenaire brings you the best in class True Wireless Earbuds that seamlessly auto connect with your device as you take them out of the case. Take calls with clear voice calling technology that cuts out the noise from your surroundings.

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Sevenaire Saturn Bluetooth Speaker Table

Nothing beats the convenience of a Bluetooth speaker when it comes to playing music in your home or if you are having a house party, Music is just like magic, it helps you focus, it helps Relax and so many things we can think about music.

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How to install The Smartphone holder in your car.

Now take the phone holder and on the back of it, rotate the screw anti-clockwise to loosen it. Push the ball on the dash/windshield mount in the back of the phone holder. If it doesn't go in properly, then you might have not loosen the screw. 

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How to use the 7Pods True wireless earbuds - Step by step guide.

Take out both the earbuds, they will auto-connect with each other and say ‘pairing mode’. Scan for Bluetooth devices on your phone and connect with ‘X8 L’. The next time you wish to connect your 7Pods to your phone, just take them out of the case and 

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How to set up the Saturn Speaker table in Three easy Steps.

We understand your excitement of unboxing the newly delivered Saturn speaker table. Let's understand how to set up your speaker in very simple steps.
First, open the packaging and take out the speaker tabletop and place it upside down,

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7pods true wireless earphone

7Pods truly wireless earphone is this year's top pick for Travel & workout

The right music can turn your boring gym session into a powerful gym session, which makes earphones one of your workout essentials. You want a pair that doesn't get damaged or become super slippery when things are heating up!

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