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How to use the 7Pods True wireless earbuds - step by step guide.

1. Pairing with your mobile device or laptop.

Take out both the earbuds, they will auto-connect with each other and say ‘pairing mode’. Scan for Bluetooth devices on your phone and connect with ‘X8 L’.  The next time you wish to connect your 7Pods to your phone, just take them out of the case and they auto-connect to the last paired phone. 

If you wish to use only 1 earbud (for eg. the left one) Take out the left earbud and press the MFB twice to put it into pairing mode, connect with ‘X8 L’ on your phone and its good to go. For all subsequent uses, the 7Pods will automatically pair with your phone. 

2. How to use the MFB button

one button function

Let us understand all the functions of the MFB button 

  • Single press either earbud to play or pause the track you’re playing.
  • Double press L/R earbud to change the track you’re playing. L is for previous and R is for the next song.
  • Triple press the L/R button to increase/ decrease volume.
  • Long press the button to activate the voice assistant on your phone i.e. Siri or Google Assistant.
  • Single press the button to answer an incoming call. Single press to hang up an ongoing call. 
  • Long press the button to reject an incoming call.

3. Connecting 7Pods to two devices at the same time

connect two devices

In order to connect two devices, take out the left earbud and pair it with your 1st device normally as instructed above. Now turn off Bluetooth on your 1st device and pair the left earbud with your 2nd device. Now, keeping the 2nd device connected, turn back on the Bluetooth on the 1st device and connect it to the left earbud. Now both the devices are connected to the 7Pods left earbud. 

Note - 1. this feature is only available when using only one earbud either left or right. 

  1. This feature can also be used in connecting your phone and laptop at the same time for your convenience of alternating between music (laptop) and calls (phone). 

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