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How to install the Wireless Charging Smart Phone holder in your car.

On the Dash mount 


First, take the dash/windshield mount and place it on your car’s dashboard or the windshield as you like. Close the suction cup for an extra strong grip.

Now take the phone holder and on the back of it, rotate the screw anti-clockwise to loosen it. Push the ball on the dash/windshield mount in the back of the phone holder. If it doesn't go in properly, then you might have not loosen the screw enough. Now just tighten the screw back. Connect the USB cable (provided in the box) to the phone holder and the other end in the QC 3.0 car charger. Plug in the car charger into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and it’s ready to use. 

On the AC vent 

To install the holder using air vent mount, loosen the screw at back of the phone holder and push in the ball of the airvent mount into the phone holder and tighten back the screw. Now, loosen the screw on the mount and place it in your AC vent and then tighten it back. Now plugin the USB cable into the phone holder and the other end in the QC 3.0 car charger. Plug in the car charger into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and it’s ready to use. 


Our Smart phone holder is enabled by infrared sensors to detect motion and thus motorized arms open automatically when the phone is pointed towards the phone holder. Simply point your phone, keep it on the holder when the arms open automatically, wait for it to close and it’ll start fast wireless charging. 

auto clamping

FAST Wireless charger

FAST wireless charging is enabled ONLY by the QC 3.0 Dual USB car charger. We understand the hassle of separately buying a car charger adapter for your car and hence we packed a complimentary one in the box for your convenience. Many other vendors claim fast charge without providing a QC 3.0 car charger, pls note it will not deliver fast charge and may even end up damaging your phone’s battery by undersupply of required current to your battery and bad quality car charger may also damage your phone’s power socket (speaking with experience).

car charger

Adjustable height

Sevenaire smart phone holder comes with adjustable height to fit all phone sizes and even the large ones with 6.5 inch screen size like the Samsung note 9 or iPhone XS Max. None of the other phone holders have this. To adjust height simply loosen the screw at the back ,adjust the placer height to fi your phone and match charging coil, tighten back the screw at suitable position. See gif below for better understanding. 

 Wireless charging only happens when the phone’s charging coil is aligned with the charging coil on your phone. For this purpose, it’s necessary that your phone is placed properly on the phone holder and thus adjustable height on the phone holder is very important to suit all phones equally.


adjustable hieght

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